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Always willing to listen: the Mobile Advisory Service

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The Mobile Advisory Service of the Munich Student Union

Students are always confronted with many impressions and challenges in their day-to-day life. Most students have to deal with matters all by themselves for the first time in their lives, have to get used to a new city and studying itself is also not always easy. No wonder that sometimes there can be phases, in which students feel lonely or that everything is getting to much for them and need to talk to someone.

In this case, the consultant of the Munich Student Union’s Mobile Advisory Service is the right person to turn to: you can arrange an appointment at short notice in a place that you can decide on, for instance, in your hall of residence, in a café or in the Student Union’s Advice Centre in the Olympic Village. Our mobile consultant Klara Schuster is always willing to listen – no matter if it concerns challenges to do with your studies or your private life – and together, you can talk about different ways of how you could deal with the situation. In some cases, it will be possible to tackle questions or problems right away; in other cases, Frau Schuster will help to find the right person to talk to and will initiate further steps.

Are you looking for someone neutral to talk to?

Then, contact the Mobile Advisory Service:
Tel. 0170 96 72 56 8

You can also contact us on WhatsApp:
Tel. 0151 44 56 55 42

All conversations are strictly confidential and, if you wish, you can remain anonymous.