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The Munich Student Union’s Current Situation - as of 15.06.2020

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Dear students,

We keep to the current rules and regulations during the corona pandemic. The current situation is as follows:

Food & Drink

  • Whether you want to sit down to enjoy your meal or prefer food to go, we now offer meals, salads and snacks in some of our gastronomic services. Our guests are taken to a free table by our staff if they want a sit-down meal. According to the regulations of the Bavarian government we also take your contact detail. This is done to ensure that chains of infection can be reconstructed, if necessary. More information concerning data protection can be found on the notices hung up in the canteens, etc. Further information >>
  • Unfortunately, several canteens, StuBistros, StuCafés and StuLounges will remain closed until further notice.

Childcare Centres

  • From Monday, 15.06.2020, kindergarten children who will be starting school in 2021 as well as crèche children who will be starting kindergarten in 2020 can go back to their childcare centres again.  Presumably, all children will be allowed back to crèches and kindergartens starting Wednesday, 01.07.2020. Detailed information can be found in newsletter 344 of the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Work and Social Affairs.
  • The Bavarian government will take over the costs for childcare for the next three months. As soon as we have more information on how this will be carried out exactly, we will let you know about it in our childcare news and will pay you back as quickly as possible. Further information >


  • Securing the checking of BAföG applications and payments by our BAföG office. Due to staff shortages, we can only deal with a limited amount of cases at the moment. Payment processes and payments for students receiving BAföG are, however, secured. You can still contact us by phone. Up-to-date information can always be found here. Also, we have put together some information for you about the effects of the corona crisis on BAföG.
  • NEW 15.06.: Students can apply for the bridging assistance for students in particularly difficult financial situations from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research from Tuesday, the 16th of June 2020, 12:00 noon. More information and useful FAQs can be found here.


  • Accommodation in all halls of residence of the Student Union is secured. Moving in and out of rooms is also taking place. You can still contact our administration by phone or email.
  • We have a favour to ask of all students moving in:
    Please give us a ring before collecting your keys if there are any signs of you being sick, such as if you are coughing, have a cold, a sore throat or a temperature, or also, if you fear you might have caught the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). By telling us up ahead you will be protecting yourself and others. Together we will find a solution!
  • Anyone signing a tenancy agreement, can, due to the current situation, sign the agreement at home, scan it and email it to the administration. Future tenants will receive all documents from the person dealing with his or her case.

    More information regarding the current situation can be found on the page of our accommodation.

    We have also put together some FAQs about the effects of the corona crisis concerning the department Accommodation.

Advice and Psychotherapeutic Assistance

  • Our advisory services are currently only taking place by phone to prevent infections. We would however like to point out that our advisors are still there for you; we consider this especially important during these times that can also lead to psychological stress. You can still contact us by phone. > Our contact details

Events, Excursions, Other Meetings

  • Having no person-to-person contact also applies to the department Culture & International/Servicepaket. At the moment it is not possible to register personally for any cultural courses or activities in the summer semester. You can contact our staff per phone or email. If registering should be possible for certain events during the next couple of weeks, please make sure to check here until shortly before the event is due to begin, if it is really going to take place or if it did have to be cancelled after all. Should you already have paid for an event, we will, of course, pay you back the fee.

Some tips for the situation at the moment

  • Here you can find some tips (in German and English) about how best to cope with the current contact limitations or a possible quarantine.

 We know that your situation is especially hard. We are all in the same position. We will do everything necessary to keep the operation up and running if possible. Please help us and our teams with your understanding and solidarity - even if that is not so easy at the moment. Thank you very much!

Your Munich Student Union

Further Information

Here you can find FAQs concerning all areas of life, put together by the ministries.