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The Munich Student Union raffled off 100 rooms

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On 28th July 2020, State Minister Bernd Sibler randomly selected the lucky winners of the 100 rooms of the Munich Student Union.

The winter semester is going to start soon and thousands of students are going to begin the first semester of their studies at a university in Munich and the surrounding area. The housing situation in Munich is still very tense, especially at the beginning of a new semester. The many top-performing and growing universities are very attractive, which, in addition to very high rents, leads to a difficult situation for young students.

100 rooms for first-semester students
For this reason, the Munich Student Union wants to offer these first-year students the opportunity to get, with a bit of luck, an inexpensive room right in time for the start of the semester. Via the online room raffle, 100 rooms are exclusively given to first-semester students who are not from Munich. There were 85 rooms in Munich, 10 in Freising and five rooms in Rosenheim in the raffle for the coming winter semester. Future students were able to take part in the raffle from 15.05. to 15.07.2020. All in all, 2,620 first-semester students had applied for accommodation; 2,292 of them for accommodation in Munich.

Minister Bernd Sibler, the bearer of good tidings
Today, the Bavarian Minister for Science Bernd Sibler randomly selected the winners by pressing a button. State Minister Sibler was delighted for the lucky winners: “The framework conditions for successfully completing your studies also especially include the question of accommodation. The Studentenwerke are important partners, advisors and intermediaries for our students when looking for affordable accommodation. By offering a remarkable number of rooms, the Munich Student Union especially is making a considerable contribution to this. The Free State supports the Studentenwerke actively in creating this living space – in particular in areas with a high population density.“

From 01.08.2020 onwards, all participants in the raffle will be notified if they won or not. The winners will be able to move into a room in a hall of residence on the 1st of October 2020. All they need to do is to accept the offer by a certain date (middle/end of August 2020) and hand in proof that they are going to start studying in Munich, Freising or Rosenheim in the coming winter semester.

Creating affordable accommodation - a key issue of the Munich Student Union
For years, the Munich Student Union has continually been creating new affordable accommodation, constructing as many new rooms as is possible financially. “The Munich Student Union wants to keep on being a reliable partner for students and universities. We will continue doing our utmost to renovate and extend our halls of residence, so that we can offer accommodation to even more students“, says the Director of the Munich Student Union Tobias M. Burchard.

Altogether, the Munich Student Union manages more than 11,500 rooms in 31 halls of residence and thus is one of the largest providers of student accommodation in the whole of Germany. As, in the meantime, the Munich Student Union is responsible for more than 131,000 students, the rooms are never vacant and, at the moment, more than 8,300 students are on the Student Union’s waiting list.

As long as there are not enough rooms in Munich, Garching and Martinsried, future students will have to cope with the problematic housing situation when beginning their studies, which can make a good start into ones studies even more difficult. Prof. Dr. Imke Libon from the University of Applied Sciences Munich, who was also present at the raffle, agrees: “I believe that creating student accommodation is a key issue for improving the framework conditions for Munich students. For this reason, I like to support this important matter and commit myself to it as part of the Munich Student Union’s Board of Administrators.”