Research project in Garching receives subsidies from the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU)

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In association with a research project of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Munich Student Union is going to build three halls of residence with up to 195 living quarters on the Garching Campus of the TUM. This joint project, which is being carried out in association with three chairs of the TUM, is about building as resource-friendly as possible.

The project points the way ahead and is supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, DBU). So, on 22 August 2019, the Secretary General of the DBU, Alexander Bonde, handed over to the Director of the Munich Student Union, Dr. Ursula Wurzer-Faßnacht, the document confirming subsidies of about 520,000 euros.

The three research houses will be of the same shape and size, but made of different materials: one house of lightweight concrete without any steel, one of solid wood, a renewable building material, and one will be built with highly insulated masonry.

Over a period of several years, all types of data will be collected systematically, such as the effect of the different building materials on energy costs or the impact of the users’ behaviour on energy usage. The project’s goals are to reduce the complexity of building methods and thus also to reduce building costs, to develop sustainable constructions and to realize robust concepts for building technologies. The project is based on the scientific findings of the research project “Striving for simplicity 1” of the Chair of Architectural Design and Construction of the TU Munich. As part of follow-up research projects, further scientific studies and long-term observation will be carried out on the three houses. The project is still in the planning/initial phase.


Have a look at our website to get detailed information on all the existing halls of residence of the Munich Student Union, go to the website of the TU Munich to learn more about the research project “Striving for simplicity” or have a closer look at the German Federal Environmental Foundation.