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Mobility Survey

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How do Studentenstadt students travel through the city

The Munich Student Union has gained a lot of insight regarding the mobility of students. The Student Union has been having talks with the City of Munich for quite some time about the statute concerning parking spaces, which stipulates the number of parking spaces that must be available per accommodation. The statute partly makes it difficult to reasonably increase the amount of living space available in the interest of the students. In order to have more background information for the planning process, the Munich Student Union carried out a mobility survey with Studentenstadt students, in cooperation with the City of Munich and the statistics service provider Netques – with very interesting results.

Using public transport to get to university

Munich students make use of public transport (ÖPNV). More than 90 percent use the MVG public transport to travel to university and back. A quarter of these students have a semester ticket; nearly three quarters of all the students even has the additional MVV ticket for the entire MVV area. Thus, the expansion of public transport in Munich fits in very well with the students’ favoured mode of transportation.

Riding a bicycle

The bicycle is also a very important form of transport, especially during the warmer seasons. Considering the fact that on average it takes students between 20 and 30 minutes to get to their university, this is a very pleasing result, as the bicycle is the most ecological way of travelling. International students, however, tend to rather not ride a bicycle through Munich.

Travelling without a car

Only about 13 percent of all the Studentenstadt students who participated in the survey have a car at their disposal. And these cars are nearly entirely used to travel to Munich and back home. Hardly any students at all use a motor vehicle within the city: In the summer approx. one percent, in the winter three percent of those students who have a car. A very interesting fact is that half of the car drivers would be prepared to pay for a parking space at their hall of residence. Finding a place to park the car is often not easy and simply leaves students with less time for studying.

The survey confirms what the Munich Student Union had predicted: The car is not the favoured mode of transportation of our students. This result will positively effect the argumentation regarding the allocation of parking spaces, for Munich needs more accommodation for students, not more parking spaces.

Additional surveys

In order to verify the results, further surveys are soon going to be carried out in two more halls of residence: in the Agnes-/Adelheidstraße and in Felsennelkenanger. The Munich Student Union is looking forward to find out if the results will be confirmed or if they will differ, for instance, in centrally situated halls of residence.