Architecture of a Hall of Residence Honoured

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Dr. Hans Reichhart, Bavarian State Minister for Housing, Construction and Transport (left), handing over the certificate to (from left to right) Silvio Michel, Head of the Department Construction & Project Management of the Munich Student Union, Dr. Ursula Wurzer-Faßnacht, Director of the Munich Student Union and Enno Maass from Geier Maass Architects.

Geier Maass Architects together with Stefan Bernard Landscape Architects and Phillip Sattler, Berlin, were honoured for their design of the Hall of Residence Agnes-/Adelheidstraße and International House at the Bavarian competition “Wohnungsbau Bayern 2019”. The focus of this Bavarian competition named “Lückenfüller – Besser Wohnen durch Wachstum nach innen” (Eng. Filling the Gaps – Better Living by expanding inwards) was on successfully increasing the amount of living space available in desirable urban areas with high-quality housing.

Students were able to move into the newly built Hall of Residence “International House” in December 2014. It does not only contain accommodation for students, but also classrooms for the German lessons of the Munich University. The original idea of Gottfried Pflüger, the founding father of the International House, was to accommodate students with entirely different nationalities in order to encourage intercultural communication and integration. In 2016, the first students moved into the newly constructed neighbouring building Adelheidstraße 15.

We are very pleased about this honour and would like to congratulate the architects!