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Administrative offices of our halls of residence extended

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Now, the Stiftsbogen Hall of Residence also has an administrative office. Please note: at the moment, contacting us is only possible by phone or email!

The administrative offices of the department Student Accommodation of the Munich Student Union have been extended. Students now have the possibility to contact permanent people in charge in the halls of residence Olympic Village, Studentenstadt, Stiftsbogen, Agnes-/Adelheidstraße and Rosenheim.

Also in Freising, the administrative office in the “Alte Akademie” is always open two days a week. Thus, our student tenants now have the possibility to sort out their matters in an uncomplicated way, from applying for a room to receiving an accommodation offer or terminating their tenancy agreement.

An overview of all our administrative offices 
as well as our contact details can be found at:

Limited personal contact due to corona:

For the time being, personal contact between our students and the Student Union staff has to be restricted due to corona, for the safety of us all. At the moment, contacting us is only possible by email or phone. We would like to ask all of our students to only come to our administrative offices if it is absolutely necessary and only after having arranged an appointment up ahead.

The employees of the administration of our halls of residence as well as the caretakers are nevertheless doing their best to individually solve any situation that may arise in order to support students who are in a difficult situation due to the corona pandemic.

When moving in or out of rooms as well as when collecting your keys, all corona safety precautions must be observed.