100 Jahre Studentenwerk München
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100 Years Student Union

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[Translate to English:] Fritz Beck und seine Mitarbeiter/-innen im Hof der LMU, 1925.

No less than 100 years ago, Munich students started to stand up for their fellow students. Their families had been left penniless by the First World War, and basic needs such as a warm meal or having somewhere to sleep were problems many had to cope with each day.

From 1919 onwards, this situation led to the first predecessors of today’s student unions in Germany being founded. One of them was the organisation “Studentenhaus München e.V.Fritz Beck initiated the self-help organisation on 30.03.1920 and set himself the goal that all students – regardless of their sex, the colour of their skin or their religion – should be able to study free from worries.

The Munich Student Union emerged from this predecessor organisation. As a partner and service provider of the students the Student Union has been offering up until today absolutely essential services and contributes considerably to equality for all in the higher education system. The offers include affordable gastronomic services, affordable accommodation, financial assistance and advisory services dealing with various topics for the roughly 130,000 students.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary, there is a new edition of the Chronicle of the Student Union; here you can read through it or download it (German version). Even if we do not feel like celebrating in the current situation, we do not want to completely forget about our history. Enjoy the reading!

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