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Childcare in permanent groups

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*** Update 15.12.2021 ***
All up-to-date information regarding childcare centres can be found on the website of the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labour and Social Affairs.

Children from one year of age will have to provide negative test results when going to their childcare centre, from 10th January 2022 onwards – more information in the 454th newsletter of the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labour and Social Affairs.
From 10.01.2022 onwards, *three times a week*, parents will have to carry out *self tests with their children at home*. The self tests can be obtained with “Berechtigungsscheine” [document permitting you to collect the tests at the chemist]. Parents then have to *convincingly confirm* that the child was tested negative on that day (alternative: PoC rapid antigen test, PCR test). Generally, the tests are to be carried out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If a child is not at the childcare centre on one of these days, the test should be carried out on the day on which the child is back. What is important is that the *tests are carried out on a regular basis*.

There are *two unbureaucratic ways* of how test results can be confirmed by the parents. Our childcare centres will discuss these two possibilities with the Elternbeirat and will subsequently decide on how this will be carried out at their childcare centre.

Should parents *fail to present a confirmation*, in the way decided on by the childcare centre’s management, the child will *not be permitted to go* to go childcare centre. If children are brought to the childcare centre by third parties who are entitled to do so and not by the parents themselves, they need to bring along the test cassette that was used for testing the child or else the signed form. If a PoC rapid antigen test (Bürgertest) or a PCR test was carried out, parents need to present this confirmation.

*** 23.11.2021 ***

Parents and other people are only permitted to enter the childcare centres’ premises if they are vaccinated, recovered or tested. That also applies for accompanying a child who just started in the childcare centre. The 3G rule does not apply when a child is merely being collected or brought to the childcare centre, as only a very short amount of time is necessary for that.

***Information regarding compensation for loss of earnings ***
This information letter of the Government of Upper Bavaria tells you when you are able to apply for compensation for loss of earnings in the case of childcare centres having to close due to corona. Application forms for compensation for loss of earnings can be found online at:

****** Notfall Kinderzuschlag [emergency child support]***
More information can be found on the ministry’s website.