Cash-free payment

Students at the Technical University as well as the Weihenstephan, Munich and Rosenheim Universities of Applied Sciences can make cash-free payments with their StudentCard. The Legic-Card, which is also used as a payment method for many universities' appliances, can be used by all other guests for transactions. Cash payment is possible at certain individual locations, of which you can find information at our canteens and cafeterias. The Legic-Card for students is only available to those attending and matriculated at any of the universities supported by the Munich Student Union.

The Legic-Card

Fast and simply convenient

The Legic-Card implemented by the Munich Student Union is a multifunctional card used primarily for cash-free transactions. Due to its non-contact functionality, it generally doesn't ever have to leave your wallet or purse. All you need to do is simply hold it up against the card reader.

Functionality and payment procedure

The Legic-Card can be used as means of payment in all canteens, StuBistros, StuCafés and StuLounges as well as most Espresso-Bars. It can also be used at a variety of the Munich Student Union's vending machines to purchase drinks, snacks and ice cream. Empty bottle deposit can also be booked back to your Legic-Card. Many of the photocopiers, scanners and printers at various parts of the libraries in the Technical University, the Ludwig-Maximilian University and the Munich and Rosenheim Universities of Applied Sciences are also equipped with a Legic-Card reader.

Acquisition and validity

Legic-Cards can be purchased and also returned at any of the Munich Student Union's infopoints or help desks, which are generally located in the canteen lobbies. Here our employees will also answer any questions and lend their assistance in case of any problems. The card can also be acquired at the cash registers of our StuBistros, StuCafés and StuLounges. The Legic-Card has a limited validity period, which can be extended upon providing valid verification accordingly. For acquiring the card itself you will not be granted a receipt, as these can only be received upon spending credit e.g. at the canteen's cash register.

Price and charging

A Legic-Card can be purchased for 12 Euros, of which 7 Euros will be kept by the Munich Student Union as a deposit and 5 Euros will be added to your credit and be directly available for spending. You can charge your Legic-Card with either cash (5 Euro, 10 Euro, 20 Euro or 50 Euro notes), or a credit card at the respective charging stations we have implemented. To charge your card, hold it up against the card reader, follow the instructions on the screen, and wait until your new balance is displayed. As a brand new method of payment, we have now added automatic charging via direct debit. All related information can be found here.

Loss of a Legic-Card

For privacy reasons, the cards are not personalized. It is therefore recommended that you make a note of your six-digit card number e.g. on your mobile. In the case of loss, your card can then be locked by the infopoint upon providing this number. Additionally, if a card is found it will be easier to trace back and return to its owner.

Returning your Legic-Card

Should you no longer need your Legic-Card, you can return it to any of the Munich Student Union's infopoints or help desks. Your deposit and remaining credit will be paid out in cash. We ask for your understanding that we will only refund the deposit upon returning an undamaged card. The deposit for yellow and red Legic-Cards is 7 Euros, for all others 6 Euros. For cards by the Munich University (with magnetic stripe) a deposit of 7.50 Euros is charged.

NEW! Autoload

Charge your card in a flash

Thanks to Autoload, you no longer need to worry about whether you have enough money on your card. With the Autoload system, credit will automatically be added to your card at the cash register as soon as it falls below a set threshold. This minimum as well as the amount of credit added is determined by you!


For example: Your minimum credit is set to 5 Euros, while the value to add each time amounts to 20 Euros.

Your current balance is 7 Euros. You are in line at the cash register waiting to spend 3 Euros on your meal. Your balance after payment would then drop to 4 Euros. This would lie below your determined minimum amount of credit! The cash register will detect this and automatically add the specified 20 Euros to your card. You will receive a receipt containing the details of the credit transfer. The cash will be withdrawn from your account after a few days.

The advantages

1. There will always be enough credit on your card - very convenient!

2. No queueing at the charging stations!

3. No need to constantly monitor your credit!

4. Less delay at the cash registers!

FAQ - Autoload


What does Autoload mean?

Autoload means that new credit will be uploaded to your card as soon as it falls below a certain threshold. This takes place via direct debit and you will no longer need to charge your card at a charging station. As a result, you will always have sufficient credit on your card!

How can I register for Autoload?

Registration may take place at the infopoints and amounts to an application to the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme, which grants permission to make withdrawals from your account. This requires you to bring your credit card and canteen-card (Legic-Card / StudentCard). For the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme you must also provide an address and proof of residence.

Why can the card only be recharged once per day?

In order to prevent misuse and for your own safety, your card can only be automatically recharged once per day. You will still be able to charge your card at the bar-charging stations.

Why won't the vending machines automatically recharge my card?

Automatic recharging can only proceed at the cash registers, as the vending machines unfortunately are not connected to the Autoload service.

What happens if I recharge my card without enough money on my bank account?

Should the student union receive a return debit note, the card will be locked and you will be required to visit an infopoint to have it unlocked again.

When exactly will my card be automatically recharged?

Recharging your card via Autoload can only proceed upon purchasing something at a cash register. This happens the moment your credit drops below your minimum specified value.