Welcome in Munich

Dear exchange student,

the Studentenwerk München looks forward to welcoming you in Munich. For your first steps in Munich, we have got some important information for you.

As you chose the Servicepaket, we organized a cultural program for you.

We regularly invite you to events such as guided tours, concerts, theatre, day trips and much more. You will also receive newsletters from us in which we would like to invite you to our events.
Be part of it! Make your stay abroad an unforgettable experience!

We wish you a good arrival and stay in Munich.

Kind regards
Servicepaket Tutors


From: Germany
Studies: Mechanical Engineering, TUM

Hey! My name is Angelo. I moved to Munich not too long ago, but I did grow up in the area. I want to show you the most beautiful places around here. I love to work as a Tutor, because it gives me the opportunity to help you right from the start and maybe even to get you excited about Bavaria.


Hi, I am Nicolaus! Since I spent some time abroad and experienced how great it was to have a local guide, who can show you the city and its special places, I wanted to give you the same opportunity to experience this awesome city and country. I’m looking forward to fun and adventurous events!


From: Germany
Studies: French/ Spanish/ Turkish teaching degree

Hi, my name is Ünal and I'm living in Munich since 2012. After my two experiences abroad, I decided to accompany other students in Munich, which they will call home for a short time. Finding this job was the ideal way to it. 


From: Germany
Studies: Technical communication

Hey I'm Richard and I study technical communication in the 5th semester. I've lived 2 years in Shanghai with my parents and went to an international school. Ever since I'm interested to meet people from all over the world. I think it's important to have knowledge about other cultures and habits. Therefore, I would like to help you making the best out of your time here in Munich by offering events like hiking, climbing, barbecue and all sorts of sightseeing. I'm looking forward to meet you.


From : Germany, directly from Munich ( a so-called "Münchner Kindl")
Studium: Economics
Hobbies: dancing, family, friends, living, and laughing

I like being a tutor because I'm interested in different cultures and I think that I can also benefit a lot personally from the tutorship concerning new experiences. Further more I'd like to support all Servicepaket students to feel comfortable in Rosenheim because when I would be abroad I also wouldn't like to discover all on my own.



From: Germany
Studies: Environmental Planning and Engineering Ecology

As a tutor I have the chance to meet many different people and cultures from all over the world. Because I am only living here for about one year, I am really excited to discover the beautiful region around Munich together with our international students. So far, my highlights in Bavaria are especially the historical towns and the gorgeous nature in the alps.


From: Germany
Studies: Environmental Planning
Hobbies: hiking, cooking, knitting

Working as a tutor for the Studentenwerk is a very good possibility to get in touch with new people from all over the world and discover the most beautiful places and attractions of Bavaria in an interesting company!


From: Germany
Studies: Mechanical Engineering, HM
Hobbies: kayaking, mountain biking, building and flying remote-controlled aircraft, hiking and skiing

As a tutor I’m especially looking forward to the outdoor activities we’ve got planned for you.





From: Germany
Studies: French and Spanish for teaching, LMU
Thanks to a couple of semesters abroad in Spain and France, I had the chance to experience how it is to be new to a different country. The Servicepaket offers are a great possibility to get to know your new home. As a tutor, I, too, started to love Bavaria more and more and thus I would be happy to share this with our "Incomings.



From: Germany
Hobbies: surfing, sailing, swimming, cycling

Servus everyone! I am looking forward to getting to know you and to showing you the beautiful aspects of our home country. But most of all, I am looking forward to take you to breathtaking hikes in the Alps and exploring the beautiful lake scenery of Bavaria.


From: Germany
Studies: Business management
Hobbies: swimming, mountain walking, cooking, cycling

I am looking forward to showing you my beautiful home country and to spend eventful hours with you. I like to travel and I am very curious what I can learn from you about your culture!