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The American Fulbright-Commission is an organisation that allocates scholarships for studies, research and lectureships outside of the US to US-Americans, as well as to non-Americans within the USA.

The German Fulbright-Commission, with head-quarters in Berlin, mediates the German side of the exchange between German  American students, academics and professors. Since its founding on July 18, 1952, the German-American Fulbright-Program has supported more than 40,000 US-Americans and Germans.

The German program represents the largest of the Fulbright exchange programs. Prominent former scholarship holders were the Nobel Prize for Medicine winner Erwin Neher, news broadcaster and author Ulrich Wickert, former member of the parliamant Peter Conradi, and from the US, Garrick Utley, who went on to occupy leading possitions at NBC and CNN.


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