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Most students know immediately what is meant when hearing the word 'Erasmus': Studying abroad within Europe. Some also think of Erasmus of Rotterdam, just as the founders of the program did. This humanist's name provides the ideal name for a program that reaches out to connect universities within the European Union and other european countries, as well as to facilitate the mobility of students and academics. In 2007, the European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, in short ERASMUS, turned 20. About 1.5 million students have taken part in the program since it was founded in 1987.

To make the exchange program success, dedicated students take care of the foreign visitors to their university on a voluntary basis. These students are members of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). This European student organisation's objectives are to motivate students to take a semester abroad, to welcome foreign students in their host country and to make integration easier for them.

The Munich ESN section is called MESA. For information on Erasmus or to get to know like-minded people, you can contact it here.