Events in the winter semester 2018/19

Events in Freising

Sign up to events

The sign up process happens in two phases:

  1. Use your registered e-Mail address and signup for an event. Afterwards, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation e-Mail with further information within 24 hours, usually at midnight. Please note that up to this stage, your sign up is probational.
  2. The Servicepaket Tutors will have to manually accept your probational sign up. This enables us to better eliminate abuse. In case of events subject to charge, you have to personally deposit the required payment in our Servicepaket-Büro so that we can finally accept your registration.

Behaviour during events

We tutors want you to get to know our country, our history, our culture and more. As such we spend a lot of time organisation - we highly value your experiences, esp. during a stay abroad.

We organise meeting points, guides, travels, museum visits, concerts, performances, dance courses and much more. It also happens that we make a small city guide by ourselves. So we often spend a lot of time for this work - and we are students too.

We organise the whole event for you. In return expect you to respect these guide lines:

  1. Punctuality: Be punctual at the meeting place. This reduces stress for all of us (and you). In general, we are approx. 15 minutes earlier at the meeting place - sometimes to make multiple meeting places and times during an event.
  2. Respect Others: Respect others, esp. older people, children and ill people. We are not the only one who want to have a nice time.
  3. Disclaimer: Bear responsibility for your own behaviour. Because every participant is already of full age, we do not assume liability for any damage or loss of liability, and for personal injury. However, you never encountered such problems previously. We tutors are responsible, please be the same.

Withdraw your registration

In case you have to attend another important appointment, you may cancel your registration in general. This is also possible in case one of our tutor previously accepted your sign up.

In general you can withdraw your registration my sending us an E-Mail. Simply reply to our E-Mails.

Please note that in general you can not withdraw your registration by E-Mail as soon as you made a payment in our Kulturbüro. In this case, please visit our Kulturbüro.