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In the field of insurances, there are two important themes: Health Insurance and civil liabilty insurance.
Please note: The Student Union Munich has to stay neutral, and so, is not allowed to advise you in choosing an insurences!

Health insurance in Germany

In Germany, everyone is required to have health insurance. In order to apply to a German university, you need to prove that you are insured. Requirements, tariffs and compensations can however vary.

This being the case, you must choose a health insurance plan. Please inform yourselves ahead of time!

As there are some things to consider when finding a health insurance, here is a short overview:

In Germany there are two types of health insurance: public and private insurance. Below the age of 30 public insurance is obligatory.

More information on German health insurance and a (German) list of all public health insurances can be found here:

Proof of insurance must be attached to your university application.

Private insurance can only be granted in exceptional cases! Please note: If you have private insurance, you can no longer switch to public insurance during your studies!

Here you can find a booklet with a overview about the German Health (Insurance) system - in German and English!

European Health Insurance Card and other countries with social security agreements

Do you already have public health insurance in your home country? Does your home country have a social security agreement with Germany (e.g. European Health Insurance Card "EHIC")?

If so, you can have your insurance verified with public health insurance in Germany. Please inform yourself in your home country on which documents you will require.

Furthermore, it may be that your insurance does not cover all costs, due to varying prices of treatment and services. Please find out exactly which services are fully covered. An additional insurance may be necessary.

Please note: Since the end of 2017, there are some new regulations:
There are now cases, in which you, being a EU or EEA student, have to be insured by a German Health Insurance:

  • beginning of a student (sideline) job,
  • beginning a paid internship,
  • transfer of domicile to Germany.

Please get more detailed information at the Health Insurance Company in your country, especially which services of the health insurance are covered, and which NOT.
Perhaps your private home country health insurance may even be recognized as a replacement insurance in Germany.

Health insurance under certain circumstances (for international students)

Under certain circumstances, students cannot take out public health insurance.
For instance, this would be the case, if an enrolled student is over 30 years of age.
In that case, you can take out voluntary insurance with a public health insurance company. Contributions are then usually higher as would be the case if privately insured.
Another option is to take out private health insurance.
In any case, inform yourself in detail about the different possibilities of insuring yourself.

As a service for people who find themselves in one of the above-mentioned situations, the DSW, “German National Association for Student Affairs”, has developed special products in cooperation with the “UNION Versicherungsdienst GmbH”.
At following groups of people can take out their health insurance online:

  • Enrolled international students over the age of 30
  • PhD students
  • Participants in language courses preparing for their studies
  • Guest scientists
  • Accompanying unemployed family members
  • Job applicants after graduation

Should you have any questions regarding the different offers, feel free to send an email to the “UNION Versicherungsdienst GmbH”:

Our national umbrella organisation DSW, “German National Association for Student Affairs”, also provides information on this topic: *.

Health insurance: Dictionary and links

Here you can find a little dictionary about many aspects of health insurance, sickness and doctor's visits in English (and German): 

On the website of our parent organization, the German Student Union, you can find more informational pages on health insurance:

The following websites are commercial or private websites. For counseling there are no fees.
Please note our declaration concerning this matter at the bottom of the page. (German and English) (German and English) (German, English, Spanish and Italian).


Comparison portals can help you with which insurance to choose (links in German): *


Civil / Private liability insurance or Third party liability insurance

A civil or private liability insurance is an optional insurance. You are not required to have it, but it is recommended. A Civil liability insurance / Third party liability insurance covers the cost of all damages caused by accident. As it is available at down to €45 a year, this insurance can be save you a lot of money.

Case example: You accidentally trip and knock down a vase, causing it to break. If you have civil liability insurance, the insurance covers the cost for repairing or replacing the vase. If you are not, you will have to pay for it yourself.

This may be bearable when it’s just a vase, but if you accidentally break a fellow student’s €2000 bike beyond repair, for example, you will likely be glad to have civil liability insurance.

Here are other pages with useful facts about this insurance: *

Website der TUM (point "Liability insurance"):

Website der Uni Mannheim: (in German) *.

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