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Munich Studienkolleg / official preparatory courses at Bavarian universities

The Munich Studienkolleg offers courses for international students to prepare for their studies at a Bavarian university. Courses last two semesters. This applies in particular to university applicants who have a university entrance qualification from their own country with which they cannot directly start studying in Germany.

Important information on the recognition and assessment of international educational qualifications by the Bavarian office in charge can be found in the anabin database of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs in Germany.

Applying directly to the Studienkolleg is not possible; interested students must first apply to study at a Munich/Freising/Rosenheim university or at any university in Bavaria. That university will then decide whether the applicant will be allowed to enrol directly or whether they require and are thus eligible to take part in a preparatory language course.

Before being admitted to the Studienkolleg, eligible applicants are required to pass an examination in German and, in the case of technical, mathematical and natural-scientific courses of study, a maths examination. These tests can be taken in either September of February.

Depending on the desired course of study, university applicants are required to take one of the following courses offered by the Studienkolleg:

  • T-course: for technical, mathematical and natural science courses
  • M-course: for medical and biological courses
  • W-course: for economic and social science courses
  • G-course: for humanities, language and art courses

During your time at the Studienkolleg, you are registered as a student at either the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität or the Technical University of Munich.

Admission Guidelines for the Munich Studienkolleg

Contact details:
Studienkolleg bei den Universitäten des Freistaates Bayern
Infanteriestr. 7a
80797 München
phone. +49 89 20 20 83-0
fax: +49 89 20 20 83-29