Living in a dormitory

Living in student accomodation

For many students, the main part of their student life takes place at their hall of residence. As many nationalities get to live together, they may happen to face (unconscious) communication problems or (intercultural) conflicts.

These rules and tips might help you to cope with life in a German hall of residence:

  • Living in a German hall of residence

    A short video on the website study-in-Chemnitz (a joint production by the TU Chemnitz and the Studentenwerk Chemnitz) explains the rules applicable for German halls of residences in a funny way.

  • Hall of residence dictionary

    This dictionary with a lot of practical illustrations (published by the German Student Union) is meant to explain life in student accommodation by means of pictures and in many different languages. On this website you can find an app for downloading.

    Here you can find different versions with multiple languages as a PDF Download.

Beyond that - in many halls of residence of the Studentenwerk Munich (Student Union) - exists a so called Resident Tutor program. These resident tutors are the first address for newly arrived students in the dormitory. They plan, organise and carry out common activities like "newbies in dormitory evenings", tournaments of table tennis, Sunday breakfasts, bar evenings, trips or cooking together... In the residence or the dormitory the contact data of these tutors are posted on the blackboards just as their different activities - just go there and meet new people, your new housemates!