Staying in Germany

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About 120 universities in Germany offer the possibiltiy to complete a doctorate after graduation. About 25,000 students earn their doctorate each year. They are of the opinion that it is worth crowning off their studies with a doctor's cap and gown. Detailed information is available at the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD. You should also inform yourself about the terms of residence at the pages of the City of Munich Foreigners' Office for students doing their doctorate. 


Some universities offer a specially tailored master's program for foreign students. The Technische Universität (Technichal University) and the Hochschule München (University of Applied Sciences Munich) are among them.

Post-Graduate Studies

Post-Graduate Studies are also a possiblity and are realized in much the same way as a Master's. Usually, after a successful completion of undergraduate studies, a (at longest) two-year post-graduate study period can be allowed (as long as the studies up until that point have been completed efficiently).

Second Degree

Because of residence regulations, the choice to study for a second degree after a completed degree is one of the most difficult options for further studies in Germany. If you should aspire to a second degree, you should inform yourself directly at the Kreisverwaltungsreferat (the local authorities) about the possibilities.

You can find further information about study possibilities in Germany in the DAAD Hochschulführer   (University Guide).


Please be aware that an insurance / health insurance is indispensable in this phase of your life!

Support for finding a job

The "amiga career center for Internationals" of the town of Munich offers support for International Talents, Professionals, graduates and students. If you are looking for professional support regarding application or job search, or comprehensive advice and support in the application process: the amiga center organises infopoints, seminars and workshops for those who live in and around Munich, and want to contribute your expertise and experience specifically to the Munich job market. The services and offers come with no costs.

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After successfully completing your degree at a German university your entrance into the work world - which depends on the job market - is a possibility. The residence permit can be extended for up to a year for one who wishes to seek a career suited to their degree. You must have proof of successful completion of your degree, finances, and proper medical insurance. More information is available here.

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card (Blaue Karte EU) is a temporarly limited residence permit for Germany for graduated students with a non-EU nationality. As a person with a university degree and a job offer in skilled positions in Germany can apply for this European residence permit. The residence permit has a limit of 4 years (maximum), and there are certain conditions which have to be met:
- a German degree, a recognised foreign higher education degree, or a foreign higher education degree that is recognized as comparable to a German higher education degree.
- conrete job offer from a company in Germany;
- a position with a certain annual income;
- The position must be appropriate for someone with your qualifications (higher education degree).

Please find details and the actual minimal annual income  on this site of the Federal Government "" and on this site of the BAMF ("Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge"; Federal Office for Migration and Refugees).