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The “Bundesverband der Börsenvereine an deutschen Hochschulen e.V.” (Engl.: federal association of stock market clubs at German universities) is the association of all stock market clubs and societies at German universities.

Just like the federal association, the “Akademische Börsenzirkel München e.V.” (ABZ, Engl.: academic stock market society Munich) aims to give especially students and alumni from all kinds of subject areas an understanding of what goes on at the financial and capital markets, as well as to provide a platform for networking with companies. It takes account of Munich being the number one location for insurance companies, the number two banking centre as well as the number three stock exchange centre in Germany.

Today, the ABZ has over 600 student members, most of them studying in the fields of economics or business at the LMU and the TUM in Munich. At the same time, the association is deliberately organized in a very open way and wants to also address students from other subject areas.


Akademischer Börsenzirkel München e.V.
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
Postfach 238
80539 München

Chairman Munich
Morten Giese (as of: 04-2019)