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Come to Munich - be at home

Who can take part in the project seminar?

Students of all universities under the jurisdiction of the Munich Student Union can participate.

I’m an international student and don’t speak any German yet. Can I still participate?

The project is intended for both German and international students. Since the winter semester 2021/2022, we have only been offering workshops in English. Before that, there was always at least one German and one English workshop. Participating without speaking German is therefore no problem! The Munich Student Union also offers financial support for attending German language courses at Deutschkurse bei der Universität München to international students participating in the project seminar, who want to improve their German language skills. You can receive a one-time amount of max. 200 euros for the cost of not more than one course.

I won’t be in Munich during the registration period. Can I still register?

Since the registration process is online, it would not be a problem if you are not in Munich during the registration period. However, please make sure to be in Munich when the workshops start.

Do I have to participate after having registered?

Yes, anyone who officially registered for the programme, should participate.

What do I need to do to successfully complete the programme?

1) you need to participate in all workshop sessions of Group A OR Group B. Mixing dates of both groups is not possible!

2) you also need to participate in three cultural activities, which you can choose yourself from the semester programme.

3) additionally, a group presentation is required as well as writing a reflection protocol (for those students who need ECTS credits). More information under ECTS/Certificate.

How can I find out when and where exactly the cultural activities will take place?

The project seminar’s management usually informs all the participants 1-2 days before the event takes place about the exact time, meeting point (or link) as well as the expected duration of the event. If you have registered for an event and have not received an email with information by the day the event should take place, please contact the event management at interkulturelles@stwm.de.

Is it possible to take part in more than three additional activities?

The event programme is actually designed to allow everyone to attend three events. However, if there are places free for a particular event, they can be given to participants who have already registered for three other events. Please get in touch with the event management, and make sure to only visit events for which you have received a confirmation.

I'm sick on the day of an event or cannot attend for other reasons.

In this case, please immediately inform the event manager, using the contact details you received via email (usually email address or mobile number).

I was not able to attend an event.

That’s no problem as long as you can present a doctor's certificate showing that you were ill. However, you will need to attend another activity instead. There might still be places left in one of the other events taking place that semester. Otherwise, you will have to attend one of the events in the following semester. In special cases (e.g. as an international student returning home at the end of the semester, graduation) we can also give you an alternative assignment. If you missed only parts of an event, we will find an individual solution.

Please note: It is obligatory to participate in all workshops; it is not possible to attend other events instead. If you miss any of them, you cannot receive a certificate / ECTS credits and you will have to stop the programme. The workshops are a prerequisite for raising intercultural awareness and reflecting on it during the cultural activities.

When do I get my certificate?

After the workshop trainers have evaluated all your achievements, we issue the certificate. In general, they are completed at the end of the ongoing semester or the beginning of the following semester and will then be sent to you via email (or, if desired, by post).

You will also receive an email with further information.

How do I receive the ECTS credits for the TUM?

First, the workshop trainers will evaluate your achievements. As soon as they have determined the grades and sent them to us, we, the project organisers, get in touch with the Carl von Linde Akademie and the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS). They will then enter your grades for you. You do not have to register for the exam at the Carl von Linde Akademie.

How does registering work?

You will find a registration form as well as detailed information under Registration.

Please note:

As the Student Union (Studentenwerk München) organises the project seminar, it is NOT possible to register via TUMonline. The grade or the remark "passed" will only be visible after you have successfully participated and handed in your reflection protocol with the workshop trainers, usually at the end of the semester.

What conditions must be met in order for me to get a German course financed?

The Munich Student Union can finance a DkfA German language course if:

- the programme "Come to Munich - be at home" has been successfully completed

- the German course was attended in the semester before, after or during the semester you participated in CTMBAH

- the German course is included in this list of "German during your studies” courses

- you attended the German course

We can reimburse the costs of one German course up to €200 once. In order to reimburse the costs, we require the following documents: certificate from "Come to Munich - be at home", certificate of participation in the German course, receipt of the German course costs.

Please note: these FAQs are intended as a guideline; the information which is provided by the responsible persons applies. If you have any further questions, please contact us at interkulturelles@stwm.de.