Come to Munich - be at home

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Intercultural project seminar for international and German students of all universities

Background and general information

Since the winter semester 2010/11 the project „Come to Munich – Be at Home“ has been offering the opportunity for German and international students to take part in an international project - for free! By learning and experiencing things together, the students can improve their intercultural skills. The workshop sessions (before corona: 2 days; now: 4 shorter sessions) form the framework of the programme and concern the differences and common grounds of cultures. The objective of the project is to extend ones own perspective and to raise the students’ awareness for other cultures. During the semester, the students can choose three cultural as well as sports activities the accompanying programme has to offer. The various activities encourage the participants to reflect and communicate with each other. Each student gets a certificate for their soft skills at the end of the seminar. Starting with the winter semester 2021/22, the intercultural workshops will only be offered in English. Thus, the entire program will be in English. This will enable more international students to participate and German students to improve their English language skills.

It is possible to get ECTS credits through the programme at TUM (check the semester programme at Carl von Linde-Akademie) and at HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences, department 13 in the field of AW (General Electives). Additionally, we can support you financially if you want to attend a language course to improve your German with the "Deutschkurse bei der Universität München" from this list. If you are interested in this support, please send us a short email to

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