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Limited Service in the field of International

We kindly ask you to get in touch with us by e-mail only.
Thank you for your understanding!

Although a period of international study is commonplace these days, it still requires a considerable amount of planning and preparation - and a lot of information. Especially the financing of their studies is one of the most important subjects that international students have to deal with when they come to Germany to study:

The Munich Student Union offers overseas students help, support and advice in social, economic and cultural matters, irrespective of whether they are in Munich for just one semester or for the entire duration of their studies.

As a first line of assistance, please take a look at our check lists before travelling to Munich. These provide an overview of the most important matters relating to your arrival and stay in Bavaria.

If you are still looking for accommodation, please contact the Student Accommodation Department. At their offices in the Olympic Village, the staff of the Accommodation Advice Service can provide you with information, advice and assistance regarding both rooms in our halls of residence and other possible accommodation options.

Trips, sight-seeing tours and workshops organised by the Culture Team will help you to quickly feel at home in your new university town and provide you with opportunities to meet and make friends with other students. If you have a place in a Munich Student Union halls of residence, the tutors here and the events that they organise will also help you to get to know your fellow residents.

Additionally, the Munich Student Union maintains international partnerships with organisations in various different countries. Language courses, employment exchanges and other programs are run from time to time in cooperation with these organisations in countries such as France, Tunisia and China.



You want to have fun with international students and get to meet German students too? Then take part in the ‘COME TO MUNICH - BE AT HOME’ project!