Study and education credit

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KfW-Kredit in 2021 ohne Zinsen!

Zur Unterstützung in der Corona-Krise bietet die KfW den Studienkredit derzeit ohne Zinsen an (für Auszahlungen bis Ende 2021).

As alternatives to BAföG, public institutions offer student credit and loans. There are basically four options:

  • Financing from the first semester onwards: Der KfW-Studienkredit (Development Loan Coorporation Study Credit)

  • To cover tuition fees: Das bayerische Studienbeitragsdarlehen (Bavarian Tuition Fees Loan)

  • After passing a mid-term exam: Der Bildungskredit (Education Credit)

  • Towards the end of your studies: Das Studienabschlussdarlehen (Final Degree Loan)

Before you decide to borrow money from one of these schemes and get into debt, take the opportunity to and get some personal and non-biased advice from our Student Credit Advice Service.