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Königssee (Lake of the King)

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The Königssee is the only lake in Central Europe that resembles a fjord. It is located near Berchtesgaden, in a landscape of beautiful contrasts: just above the lake you see the world-famous Roman Catholic church of St Bartholomä and behind it rises the impressive wall of rock called Watzmann.

We will first enjoy the beauty of Königssee on board of an electric boat and then discover the surrounding landscape together.
In St Bartholomä the pretty pilgrimage church St Bartholomä can be visited and a beergarden with a fantastic view and a small museum about the national park are waiting for us.
Starting from the famous church, we will go on a two-hours walk together. It will lead us through a beautiful landscape towards the so-called "Eiskapelle", one of the most impressive ice caves in Germany.

Unfortunately, the weather conditions in November can already be harsh in the Bavarian Alps. In case the weather forecast for our trip is really bad, we might change our plans and will learn about the dark history of the area, instead of hiking to the Eiskapelle.
On one of the mountains aorund the Königssee was the so-called Führersperrgebiet (the Fuehrer’s off-limits area) located. Adolf Hitler choosed the beautiful scenery of Obersalzberg to be his second seat of power besides Berlin and spent a lot of time during his dictatorship here. So many decisions about peace, war and the Holocaust were proposed and made in Obersalzberg.
To learn and remember the history of National Socialism in Germany there was built the documentation center "Obersalzberg". The Museum teaches about the rise of the National Socialists, their ideologies, their role in Worl War II and their Racial Policies, which included the Persecution and the Genocide of the Jews. The "Dokumentation Obersalzberg" covers one of the darkest but most important chapters in the German history.

Anyway the Königssee is an unique sight to behold and this trips will give you the opportunity to get to know the beautiful Bavarian Alps and to reflect away from the pressures of studies .
Transportation (Bayern-Ticket) and the boat trip on the Königssee are included in the price.