Workshop for Intercultural Communication

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Workshops are being organised to take place during the semester, probably both online and in person. You will be informed about the dates and a modus operandi.

You are very welcome to contact our co-ordinator for resident tutors by phone or email. Please, make an appointment on the phone or by email BEFORE coming by personally, thanks a lot.

Technical requirements for a participation in online workshops

Participation with a Desktop PC:
- boxes and webcam with microphone or headset (f.e. connected via USB)
- Internet Browser (z.B. Firefox, Chrome etc.) or even the app „zoom“

participation with a laptop:
- webcam/camera, microphone and boxes or headset
- Internet Browser (f.e. Firefox, Chrome, etc.) or even the app „zoom“
- good internet connection (best would be LAN)

Please note:
Please register only if you
a) can meet the technical requirements;
b) consent with the use of the online tool "zoom" / "GoToMeeting".