Workshops for intercultural communication

To support residence tutors, we offer workshops to improve their skills in intercultural communication. At the same time, this is a good occasion to get to know other tutors.  

For tutors who have assumed their post since October 2011, it is mandatory to participate in one of these workshops at least once. There are several dates per semester. 

Workshops are offered in cooperation with the Intercultural counseling services (LMU Munich), thus they are especially suited for tutors' needs and queries. 

Workshops are also open for house speakers ("Haussprecher/Haussprecherinnen").

                       Summary (PDF) in German

workshop dates for the winter semester 2018/19

The workshops take place on the following dates from 10:00 am s.t. until 5:15 pm maximum:

  • workshop 1: Saturday, 27.10.2018 (Arcades room / Studentenstadt)
          IN ENGLISH
  • workshop 2: Saturday, 17.11.2018 (Room A 19 / Olympic Village)
  • workshop 3: Saturday, 01.12.2018 (Arcades room / Studentenstadt)
  • workshop 4: Friday, 11.01.2018 (Room A 19 / Olympic Village)

contents of the workshops

What is important if many people from different countries live together? What can I as a tutor/house speaker do to promote a good social climate in the students halls' of residence? What role should I take in conflicts?

The aim of the workshop is to enhance intercultural competence of the tutors and house speakers of the Studentenwerk. Participants will develop ideas for a enlarged intercultural working and living together, and discuss together about handling possible conflicts in the students halls of residence. Simulations, practices, and real live cases will be other methods used in the  workshop.

Besides, the workshop gives an opportunity to meet other tutors, share ideas and best practices about how to being a tutor, or to share possibilities for events and programs, and how to get people to participate etc.

The workshop will be interactive. Participants will be asked to share their experiences and their ideas actively.

Enrolment and payment of the deposit

The booking of a place can be done by phone: 089-38196-1513 or via e-mail:

Please complete the enrolment and the payment of the deposit (15,- euros) until the following dates:

  • for workshop 1 (in ENGLISH) until Thursday, 18.10.2018
  • for workshop 2 until Thursday, 08.11.2018
  • for workshop 3 until Thursday, 22.11.2018
  • for workshop 4 (on a Friday) until Wednesday, 19.12.2018.

The deposit will be returned directly after the completion of the workshop.

Please come to the Culture Bureau for the enrolment and the payment:
Studentenwerk München, Leopold Street 15, ground floor, Room E019

opening hours for the semester:
Mon-Thu: from 1 pm until 5 pm
Fri: from 10 am until 1 pm.

For some days, changes are possible; please check online here or in the box on the right side above.