Resident Tutor program

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In many student residences run by the Munich Student Union, tutors do important work to improve residents' common life. They are a part of the so-called Student self-administration.

What are Resident Tutors?

Common life rises in students' halls of residence as well as in any other housing facility only by the commitment to it by people. The Munich Student Union promotes this commitment by supporting the so-called "resident tutors" in the dormitories in a financial and moral way.

Resident tutors are elected students who organise a wide range of general, cultural and sports activities in the halls' of residence. The assistance and the support for different groups of occupants - like international or newly arriving students- is another important part of the Resident Tutor program. The names and contact data of the resident tutors are communicated on the noticeboards in the halls' of residence, mostly near by the administrative notices like the rules of conduct or the informations of the Student Union whom to call in case of problems etc., nearby the entrances or on bulletin boards.

In the halls' of residence of the Studentenwerk Munich (Student Union) there is normally installed one resident tutor for about every 120 occupants. The financing of the Resident Tutor Program is assured by subsidies of the Bavarian State, and of the Munich Student Union itself.

What do Resident Tutors do?

Do you enjoy organising of cooking evenings, parties in the halls' of residence, meetings with the newly arriving students, tournaments of "Schafkopf" (a classic Bavarian card game), sunday brunches, going out for theater plays, trips, soft ware workshops, week-ends on a mountain hut, running groups, making barbecues or ...?

Then the honorary post of a Resident tutor might be your thing!

What is expected from a Resident Tutor?

  • active participation in the self administration of the students halls' of residence ("Heimselbstverwaltung")
  • organisation and carrying out of events and activities for the community in the halls' of residence
  • handing in a program concept at the beginning of the semester
    (winter term: until 5th November; summer term: until 5th May)
  • reports of the activities carried out as a Resident Tutor at the end of the semester

What can I get as a Resident Tutor?

  • some monthly subsidies for the honorary post of a Resident Tutor (the so-called "Übungsleiterpauschale" - a tax-supported "flat rate for trainers") determined by the size of the honorary post (not paid in the months of august and september)
  • a one-day workshop on in intercultural competence
  • it is possible that you can get a prolongation of the duration of your stay (within the guidelines)
  • written confirmation of the activity as a Resident Tutor which may be useful to support a job application.

How to become a Resident Tutor?

Resident Tutors are elected. The election takes normally place at the general meeting of the students halls' of residence. If someone is elected as a Resident Tutor by his or her fellow occupants, the Studentenwerk (Student Union) will nominate him or her as a Resident Tutor, a honorary post.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please turn to the house speakers and Resident Tutors in your students halls' of residence. They will know when the next election will be and what you have to notice. Perhaps you have even to write a lettre of application in a certain application time.

Or you write an email to the contact person for Resident Tutors at the Studentenwerk München (Student Union Munich) to:

Please note:
Participants of the Servicepackage can only be elected as a resident tutor for the time they still can stay in their apartment/room (normally a year at most). However, they can not get a prolongation of their tenancy contract in the students' hall of residence.

Requirements for the elections for Resident Tutors

(see the conditions for the elections)

  • You are a legitimate occupant in a students halls' of residence of the Studentenwerks (Student Union), where you want to become a Resident Tutor, and you are not a house representative or Service Package tutor at the same time
  • You have the right to at least stay for another year in your students halls' of residence (corresponding to the normal term of this honorary post), and you are not participating in the so-called “Servicepaket
  • You are communicative, open-minded, you have organisational skills and drive, you are flexible and creative, you enjoy community activities, and you like to organise those and carrying them out.

You still have questions or suggestions? Please contact the department Diversity by writing an email to:

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