Top scholars by 'cultureclubbing'

Exhibition opening and clubbing with the artists of tomorrow

On the 5th of march in Munich, cultureclubbing (the program of cultural events organised by the Munich Student Union) presented artworks selected from the classes at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts in the exhibition 'Top-scholars 2010 - selected works'. Most of the thirteen featured artists have recently completed their studies and are about to embark on professional careers. But before setting of to mic with the international sárt scene, they celebrated the exhibition, together with friends and art lovers, in the foyer of the neighbouring Museum of Ethnology.

Following the opening speaches, the hoards of visitors were free to drift through the beautiful old rooms of the Artist's Galery and take in the very different pieces of art that were on display. Once their appetites for art were sated, the visitors gradually made their way across to the foyer of the museum to join the party. The DJs David Borgmann and Dominik Walter got the initially dance-shy party-goes warmed up with a mixture of bassy electroninc beats and analog guitar bands, before turning the tempo up and keeping the crowd dancing and partying late into the night.

All in all, a very sucessful evening: a wonderfully diverse exhibition followed by a great party!

Friday the 5th of March from 19.00

'Top-scholars 2010 – selected works' a curated exhibition of work by the top-scholars of the Munich Academy of Fine Arts at 'as you like it* cultureclubbing"

19.00 – 23.00 culture

Exhibition opening

Top-scholars 2010
In the Artists Gallery

Maximilianstraße 42

Free admission



Sat, 6th March - Sun, 14th March 2010
daily from 11.00 – 18.00
Admission: €3  /  €1,50 concessions

Meet the artist:

Sun, 7th March, 15.00 – 17.00


Daniel Bräg, Klaus von Gaffron, Barbara Gross, Dr. Christa Häusler

21.00 clubbing

An electro-analog mix of dance music served up by DJ's David Borgmann and Dominik Walter (Resonanz-Records) in the foyer of the Museum of Ethnology and max2:

Admission free

Maximilianstr. 42
80538 Munich
U4 / U5 station Lehel
Tram 17/ 19 Maxmonument (Munich Museum of Ethnology)

The artists and their work

'The filming of my life' is the current video work from Felix Burger (Huber class); Joe Holzner (Doberauer class) presents lithographs; Nico Kiese (Prangenberg class) a man-sized sculpture; Akiko Kuriharas (Künzli class) nails are broachs; Katrin Parthelli (Pitz class) fills the room with a fragile installation made of wood; Sergio Magallanes (Metzel class) recycles truck tyres; Mia Maljojoki (Künzli class) combines her jewelery with a video; Ji-In Park (Zeniuk class) paints oversized; Sebastian Rauscher (Prangenberg class) has worked with crosses; Robin Thomas (Rehm class) photographs people; Dominik Wandinger's (Gerhart class) big steel sculptures are reminiscent of over-sized fitness machine; Mitra Wakil (Metzel class) alienates disguises; Maria Zillich (Rehm class) tells stories using photographs and drawings

To be named a top-scholar, students must demonstrate a distintive and individual artistic style. The commendation is bestowed upon the top-scholars by the professors at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, who direct the corresponding sculpture, painting, photography and goldsmiths art classes. The exhibition thus contains masterly examples of all forms of art that are represented by the classes at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts: From lithography to sculpture and photograpy to painting. This exhibition can be admired in the Artist's Gallery until the 14th of March 2010.

The exhibition opening and party is part of the 'as you like it* cultureclubbing' series of events, which have been organised by the Munich Student Union since 2006, in cooperation with other cultural institutions, art colleges and clubs in Munich. An event brought to you by the Munich Student Union and the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, with max2 and the Artist's Gallery, in cooperation with the Munich and Oberbayern Fine Artists' Union. Supported by the state Museum of Ethnology, the Munich Department of Culture and the Bavarian Ministry of Science, Research and Art.