Results of the Satisfaction Survey 2020

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The Survey

Altogether, 517 people took part in the satisfaction survey.

The University Gastronomy’s 39 evaluated gastronomic services were made up of 7 canteens, 11 StuBistrosMensa, 11 StuCafés, 4 StuLounges and 7 Espresso Bars. The questionnaire on our University Gastronomy contains 18 questions, such as satisfaction with the variety of the menus, what the meals taste like and how freshly-prepared they are.

The rating scale for the individual questions offers following rating possibilities: 1 = very dissatisfied, 2 = dissatisfied, 3 = good average, solid performance 4 = good, above-average performance, 5 = very satisfied, very good performance (in the German questionnaire: 1 = sehr unzufrieden, 2 = unzufrieden, 3 = guter Durchschnitt, solide Leistung, 4 = gut ausgeprägte, überdurchschnittliche Leistung, 5 = sehr zufrieden, ausgeprägte Leistung.) With most of the questions, it is also possible to leave a personal comment in an extra field.

Due to the corona pandemic and the resulting strong limitations regarding our gastronomic services, the number of participants in the survey is not sufficient in 2020 in order to be representative.

With a lot of effort and complying with immense hygiene and safety conditions, the department University Gastronomy offered as much service as was possible regarding the regulations from politics, official authorities and universities.

We would like to thank all our guests who used our services in 2020 and continue to do so.