Academic Society Freising (HSG)

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Academic Society Freising (HSG)

The Freising Christian Ecumenical Academic Society (Hochschulgemeinde/HSG) provides various services for all the students and staff of the TUM School of Life Sciences and the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences in Freising. The HSG is a place where, on the foundation of Christian values, possibilities open up for dealing with vital matters of life and social developments, a place for getting together, where besides advice and support also spirituality is offered.

Services and Activities:

advisory services – coaching – inter-religious dialogue – relaxation – spending time in the mountains and nature – faith discussions – church services – international get-together – drinking coffee – monastery days – meeting people – meditation – playing music – room to study – games evenings – some peace and quiet – support with scholarships  – meetings for students with a child – support in emergency situations – finding professional help – Christmas in the woods – science and faith – reading newspapers

The House

  • is located close to the campus, just five minutes away from the canteen and the university library,
  • offers opportunities for open meetings or fixed groups; at the moment, keeping to the current Covid-19 restrictions,
  • offers room for relaxation and rest (large garden and attic meditation room),
  • has a piano available for practising on,
  • has useful facilities, such as a washing machine, a dryer or the tool room,
  • accommodates the “Lebensmittel-Faiteiler” (foodsharing).

During the Semester

  • the HSG organizes an evening spent together every Tuesday
  • there are church services and meditation sessions
  • students with a child meet up,
  • meetings of international students take place regularly

You can find more detailed information about the programme at

The Team:

Anne Lüters (Protestant student minister)
Hans-Christoph Kromer (Catholic student pastor)
Daniela Hamm (educational advisor)
Angelika Schick (office)
und student tutors

Contact Details:

Hochschulgemeinde Freising
Hohenbachernstraße 9
85354 Freising

Tel: +49 8161 4874-10