Advisory Service "Sexual Abuse, Discrimination and Violence against Women and Men"

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When can we help

Sexual abuse is any form of sexual conduct that is not desired by the person at which it is aimed: derogatory jokes or innuendos, humiliating or obscene exposure, appraising looks. The spectrum ranges from unwanted touching to criminal behaviour such as stalking, sexual assault and rape. 

Sexual abuse has nothing to do with love, flirting or compliments. It often involves abuse of power or authority - sometimes it also happens at university. Examples of this include the promise of rewards for sexual gratification, or threats of unfair, disadvantageous treatment in examinations if refused.

How do we help

Victims of sexual abuse experience it as offensive and humiliating, which represents an attack on their emotional and psychological balance. The associated stress often leads to fear and anxiety, depression, physical complaints and failure to perform well at university.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse, our Advisory Service is here to offer you counsel. We can lend you support and help you to regain psychological stability. We can talk about ways to protect yourself and what else could be done. Our counsel is free of charge and absolutely confidential. We will not take any further action without your prior permission. If you prefer, we can advise you anonymously.

How to contact us

The Advisory Service Sexual Abuse and Discrimination is part of the Psychotherapeutic and Psychosocial Advisory Service.

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