Hall of Residence Notburga-/Volksgartenstraße

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Hall of Residence Notburga- /Volksgartenstraße

Administrative Office: Studentenstadt

Volksgartenstraße 10
Notburgastraße 19-23 (Frauendorfer Haus)
80639 München

Tram 12/17 Romanplatz
Bus 51/151 Romanplatz

For more information about our hall of residence, take a look at the Notburga-/Volksgartenstraße brochure.


The Hall of Residence Notburga-/Volksgartenstraße is located close to the Nymphenburg Palace, the canal and the beautiful Nympenburg Park and mainly accommodates music students. But the ''Notburg'', as it is affectionately called by its residents, is not only popular because of its fantastic location and the chance of taking a relaxing walk in the park between practice sessions. It is also the special atmosphere of studying and practising together that the residents greatly appreciate.

Because of the fact that there are rehearsal rooms for the residents in the Notburga-/Volksgartenstraße Hall, we recommend and prefer music students for this hall of residence.  Respect for one another when it comes to loud music is therefore something that is expected of the residents. So, students who apply here, should not be sensitive to noise!

Frau Theresa Herbert gave the house in the Notburgastraße to the Munich Student Union in 1973, asking for it to be dedicated to her dear father (Georg Frauendorfer) - since then the hall of residence has been called “Frauendorfer-Haus” in his honour.

Kitchens, common room


Good shopping opportunities, post office, banks, gastronomie (student prices), take aways

Sports grounds in the Olympic Centre, Nymphenburg Castle Park, outdoor pools (Dantebad)

Pictures of our Hall of Residence