Hall of Residence Türkenstraße

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Administrative Office: Agnes-/Adelheidstraße

Türkenstraße 58
80799 München

U3/U6 Universität
Tram 27 Schellingstraße

For more information about our hall of residence, take a look at the Türkenstraße brochure.

This hall of residence is situated in the centre of Schwabing, almost on top of the Ludwig-Maximilians University campus. The building, with its listed facade, was erected at the turn of the last century. After it had suffered severe damage during the war, it was rebuilt by the Student Union. In 1980, it was reconstructed and renovated for the first time since it had been rebuilt.

Kitchens, bar, TV room, billiards table, table tennis table, laundry room with driers, handy-crafts room


Copy-shops, post office, banks, take aways, student pubs, canteen and cafeterias

Fringe theatre, libraries, beer gardens, backyard cafes, English Garden, cinemas

Parking in the garage

Pictures of our Hall of Residence