Hall of Residence Kaulbachstraße

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Attention! Construction work!

At the moment, there is construction work going on in these halls of residence. More information can be found here.

Hall of Residence Kaulbachstraße

Administrative Office: Studentenstadt

Marie-Antonie-Haus, Kaulbachstraße 49, 80539 München, U3/U6 Universität

For more information about our hall of residence, take a look at the Kaulbachstraße brochure.

The history of this hall of residence is inextricably linked with James Loeb and his wife Marie-Antonie Hambüchen. James Loeb (1867-1930) used the majority of his fortune to promote social causes, art and research, without ever wanting to be named as sponsor or patron. Thanks to his generosity, students can now enjoy living in the Kaulbachstraße, also known as the Marie-Antonie House, which is the first and therefore oldest student resisdence in Munich. He gave the building to the equivalent of the Munich Student Union at the time, with the request that it be dedicated to his beloved wife. Students first began living in the house, which is practically next door to the lecture halls of the LMU, in 1970, and since then have been enjoying a harmonious and cooperative atmosphere.

Kitchens, garden, two sun decks, cellar bar, fireplace room, music room with piano, hobby room with workshop, laundry room, drying room, photography lab, table tennis table.


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