Agnes-/Adelheidstraße and International House

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Hall of Residence Agnes-/Adelheidstraße and International House

Administrative Office: Agnes-/Adelheidstraße

Adelheidstraße 13, 15
Agnesstraße 27, 31-35
80798 München

U2 Josephsplatz

For more information about our hall of residence, take a look at the Agnes-Adelheidstraße brochure.

Agnesstraße, Adelheidstraße and the International House are situated near the Josephsplatz. In December 2014, the first students moved back into the newly built International House. It does not only contain accommodation for students, but also classrooms for German lessons of the Munich University. The original idea of Gottfried Pflüger, the founding father of the International House, was to accommodate students with entirely different nationalities in order to encourage intercultural communication and integration.

In December 2016, students moved into the new building Adelheidstraße 15. The different houses have a good relationship to one another. The location cannot be beaten: some of the universities are within walking distance and the close proximity to the underground means that the others are only a short ride away. There are also several shopping opportunities nearby.

Common room, kitchens, bar, sauna


Weekly market, many shops

Beer gardens, Schwabing lifestyle, cinemas, Luitpoldpark with the swimming pool "Nordbad"

Child Care

Crèche Rasselbande

Pictures of our Hall of Residence