Corona - FAQs

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Due to the current situation, we ask you to avoid personal contact and only call in personally if it is absolutely necessary; in this case please talk to us beforehand.

Below, we have answered frequently asked questions. For further assistance please send an email to our Servicedesk.

Frequently asked questions: Housing and the pandemic SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19

I have tested positive for COVID-19 and live in shared flat of the Student Union. What should I do now?

Please contact the “Gesundheitsamt” in charge immediately. Identifying possibly infected people and consistent management regarding people who were in contact helps to contain further spreading of the virus. Please let the administrative office know about the infection in your shared flat. We are also there for you in this special situation.

It is very important that you make sure to tell the people sharing the flat with you. This is the only way they can react appropriately to this situation. Our experience shows that, especially in shared flats, the residents show solidarity and help each other, for example, by doing errands. In shared flats, cleanliness and hygiene are especially important at the moment. For this reason, we advise you to set up a schedule in your shared flat for using the shower and kitchen, in order to avoid unnecessary contact.

Should you have any more questions, you can contact the Bavarian Government by phone:
+49 89 122220


Can students move in as planned?

Yes, students can move in as planned.

Should there be any changes, we will let you know.

I was going to move in, but feel sick. What should I do now?

Please contact us before collecting your keys if there are any signs of you being sick. By telling us up ahead you will be protecting yourself and others. Together we will find a solution!

Can I, due to the corona pandemic, use my “Special Right of Termination”?

As a tenant of the Munich Student Union you do not have the right, despite the unusual situation at the moment, to terminate the contract using the “Special Right of Termination”.
The “Special Right of Termination” is only valid for the 30th of September of each year (3 months notice). There is, however, the possibility of terminating the contract early. In this case, please contact the administration.

Is it possible to extend my residency because of the corona pandemic?

Please understand that it is not possible to extend your residency due to the current special situation. In special cases of hardship, however, we will decide individually.

Someone in the house has contracted COVID-19. Can my rent be reduced?

No. The fact that someone else contracted COVID-19 does not mean that there is a defect in your living quarters, and thus, you cannot reduce your rent.

I am an international student and need information about possibly returning home. Where can I get this information?

If you are planning to return home, please contact your German university up ahead. Should you be living in one of our halls of residence, please also contact our administrative offices.

The Federal Foreign Office provides up-to-date information about travelling and safety:

You can also get information at your country’s embassy/consulate in Germany:

The university is closed, my room is very small and I cannot meet my friends any more. Also, the coronavirus pandemic frightens me. Who can I turn to now?

The Munich Student Union offers a psychological advisory service. You can talk to the counsellors anonymously and free of charge about your worries and fears; unfortunately, at the moment this is not possible personally, but you can talk on the phone or online. Just arrange an appointment.

Do I have to let the caretaker or my landlord/landlady into my flat, for example, to let people look at the flat or to do repairs?

Two things have to be considered when a caretaker or landlord wants to come into your flat: the ownership right of the landlord/landlady and the student’s right to privacy. During a pandemic, the tenant’s right to physical integrity has to be taken into consideration and is important. Entering your flat for a reason that is not absolutely necessary, has to be postponed until after the pandemic.

However, in the case of necessary repair works, such as a burst pipe, you have to let people into your flat.

I have signed a tenancy agreement with the Student Union starting next month. Due to the current situation, however, I am not able to move. Next month the deposit as well as the rent will nonetheless be debited from my account. What can I do?

Terminating your tenancy agreement is not possible just like that. Please contact - preferably by email - our administration, so that, we can together find a solution.

I am a student from abroad and was meant to begin my studies in Munich. I already have a tenancy agreement. At the moment, I cannot come to Germany. Is my tenancy agreement still valid? Can I terminate the contract without notice?

Yes, the tenancy agreement is still valid.

In most cases, terminating it without notice is not possible. The terms stipulated in the contract concerning termination are still valid. In this case, however, you should also contact our administration immediately, in order to find a solution for terminating the contract at an earlier stage.

I have lost my part-time job due to the pandemic. I will not be able to pay the rent for my room in a hall of residence from next month onwards. Am i going to receive a notice of termination?

In the current situation, you do not need to worry about your tenancy agreement being terminated for this reason. But please contact our Rent Accounts Department immediately so that you don’t miss important deadlines!

Please email ( the Rent Accounts Department.

Normally, there is the possibility of deferring your rent. Furthermore, there might be the possibility of applying for “Wohngeld” or BAföG. Together we will find a solution.

I am a student from abroad and have lost my part-time job due to the pandemic. I am no longer able to pay my rent and want to travel back home as quickly as possible. Is it possible to terminate my contract early or without notice?

Normally no, the terms stipulated in the contract concerning termination are still valid. In this case you should, however, contact the administration immediately, so that, we can together find a solution.

I am an exchange student (Service Package) living in a hall of residence. Due to the pandemic, I am going to fly back home. Do I have to interrupt/terminate my tenancy agreement?

Of course you can travel back home. As a Service Package student, the first important thing to do is to get in touch with your university to settle if it is possible for you to travel back at an earlier stage. After that, please contact our administration in order to clarify further details concerning your tenancy agreement.

My tenancy agreement only runs until the end of the month and I would have to move out. I have contracted COVID-19 and am now in quarantine. Do I have to move out?

No. In this situation, no student union would expect you to move out. The tenant’s right to physical integrity has priority over the landlord’s/landlady’s interest in having the tenant move out. Due to the fact that everyone is asked to show solidarity and drastically reduce their personal contacts, the tenant cannot be expected to move out - also for the reason of protecting others.

By the way, this also applies to other flats or shared flats in general.

My tenancy agreement with the Student Union ends by the end of the month, as I had planned on leaving. Due to the current situation, I am going to stay on after all. However, there is a new tenant for my room/flat. Can I keep my room after all?

If there already is a new tenant for your room, you cannot remain living there, as this new tenant has already signed the tenancy agreement.

It is possible that other rooms in the halls of residence are still vacant, at the moment, due to other students terminating their agreements. We cannot, however, guarantee that there will be something free starting in connection. Please ring or email our administrative office.