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Regulation regarding the 9-Euro-Ticket

Your bought the semester ticket in the summer semester? Get half the price back due to the 9€ ticket! https://www.mvg.de/mvg/services/aktuelles/9-euro-erstattung-semester.html


As you have probably already heard, all local and regional public transport in Germany (without IC/ICE, EC, etc.) can be used in June, July and August as part of the €9 ticket, initiated by the federal government.

What are the modalities for students? The most important thing first: you do not have to purchase your own 9€ ticket, because in the three months mentioned, your validated student ID with the MVV logo is valid as a Germany-wide travel authorization within the framework of the 9€ ticket. This applies regardless of whether you have purchased the IsarCard Semester surcharge ticket or not, the solidarity fee paid as part of your enrolment alone is sufficient.

With the introduction of the extremely low-priced €9 tickets, all subscription customers of the transport companies will receive a pro rata refund of their season tickets. The AK Mobility of the Munich student representatives and the Munich Student Union have successfully campaigned for students to also fully receive this reimbursement.

The reimbursement is divided into two parts: the reimbursement of the solidarity fee for all enrolled students and the reimbursement of the IsarCard semester for all students who acquired it in the 2022 summer semester:

  • The solidarity fee will be reimbursed by the universities as part of a one-time fee reduction of €9 upon enrolment or re-registration for the 2022/23 winter semester.
  • The 9-euro reduction for the next winter semester results from students having paid 72 euros for the solidarity fee covering 6 months, i.e. 12 euros a month. In June, July and August, when it is possible to obtain a €9-Ticket, students would have thus paid 3 euros a month too much. These three months are added, resulting in the next winter semester’s solidarity fee being reduced by altogether 9 euros.
  • Unfortunately, students who don’t re-register with their university for the winter semester 2022/23 will not receive the 9-euro refund. The solidarity fee is basically a financing model built on solidarity, in this case financing first-year students of the winter semester 2022/23 from the students graduating in the summer semester 2022. This decision applies for the whole of Bavaria. It was made by the Ministry for Science and the Arts and co-ordinated with all the universities, the student representation Landesastenkonferenz (LAK) as well as with the Studentenwerke.
  • The reimbursement of the IsarCard Semester amounting to €104.65 (half the price) will be made upon applying to MVG for all Munich transport companies via this website: https://www.mvg.de/mvg/services/aktuelles/9-euro-erstattung-semester.html
  • Please refrain from sending requests to the universities, the Munich Student Union or the customer centres of the transport companies regarding reimbursement of the IsarCard Semester once you sent the form. If there is a problem with your reimbursement, MVG will contact you.

All important information about the €9 ticket is also summarized on the following website: https://www.semesterticket-muenchen.de/en/9-euro-en/



FAQs concerning the Semesterticket MUNICH

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