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Legal form

With a few exceptions, all German student unions are 'Anstalten des öffentlichen Rechts' (public institutions). They are thus primarily independent institutions performing public funtions. The governing body (in Bavaria the Ministry of Science and Art) ultimately has power over the institution, but does not generally play a role in its administration, with the exception of BAföG enforcement.

The various German Student Unions are autonomous. There is no 'Master Student Union'. The umbrella organisation Deutsche Studentenwerk (DSW) (German Student Union) in Berlin organises courses and events to promote communication and the sharing of experiences between student unions around the Germany. The DSW also represents a lobby-organisation, which represents the public face of students in encounters with the state and federal governments. 


Internally, the Munich Student Union is devided into six departments, supported by four administrative departments. Tobias M. Burchard, director of the Munich Student Union and its legal representative, is ultimately responsible for the success of the institution (see structural diagram below). The director is appointed and advised by the Board of Representatives (Vertreterversammlung) and the Board of Administrators (Verwaltungsrat).

The Board of Representatives is made up of: 

  • A member of the university directorship

  • Two professors 

  • Two students of the university

  • The university's Gender Equality Officer 

  • The university's Officer(s) for the Disabled

The Board of Representatives has the following tasks: 

  • Election of the Board of Administrators

  • De-election of the Board of Administrators

  • Legal acceptance of the directors annual report and the annual statement of accounts

  • Legal acceptance of the report concerning itself with basic questions regarding future directions 

The Student Union Board of Administrators is made up of: 

  • Two professors and two members of the university directorship 

  • Two Students

  • A public figure

  • A respresentative from the Munich Student Union's Staff Council

  • The Gender Equality Officer of one of the universities

  • The Officer for the Disabled of one of the universities

The Board of Administrators decides upon: 

  • The budget

  • The discharge of the director on the grounds of dissatisfactory annual accounts statement
  • The appointment and discharge of the director and his/her respresentative

  • Aquisition, encumberance and alienation of assets

  • Articles covered by 95 Abs. 3 and 4