History of the Munich Student Union

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Following the First World War, students founded self-help organisations at the universities. The parents of many students had lost their wealth during the war or as a result of inflation, and these institutions, which later developed into the student unions, helped rebuild students lives, provided catering and established loan organisations.

On the 30th of March 1920 the 'Studentenhaus München e.V.' (Munich Student House) was founded. This was later renamed the 'Studentenwerk München' (Munich Student Union) and represents, along with the Dresden Student Union, the oldest in Germany.

After the National Socialists siezed power, the local student unions quickly lost their independence. In 1934 a 'Reich's Student Union' was founded and the local student unions were degraded to its outposts. Most universities and student unions were closed during the Second World War, and many were destroyed.

The work of the student unions in Bavaria only began again in 1948 as the 'Student Unions Act' was passed. This act outlines the regualtions concerning the organisation, functions, financing and economic practices of the student unions. Since 1974, these regualtions are covered by the Bavaian Universities Statute (BayHSchG).

To celebrate 95 years since the foundation of the Munich Student Union, a new edition of the Chronicals of the Student Union appeared on the 30.03.2015. This historical look at the years between 1920 - 2015 contains many interesting facts and colourful illustrations. The Chronicals of the Student Union are available for download here.

In honor of Fritz Beck, who founded the association Studentenhaus in 1920 and thus paved the way for all german student unions, was published a brochure in June 2014: In "Fritz Beck - Sein Lebenswerk" will be shown all important life stages of the Student-Union-founder.