Frequently Asked Questions & Answers: The Semester-Ticket

Do I have to purchase the Semester-Ticket although I don’t need one?

No student is obliged to spend €195.70 on a semester-long 24-hour ticket for the entire network (approx. 33 Euros per month). For someone who always travels by bike, for example, it may seem too expensive or unnecessary. Only the solidarity contribution of 67.40 Euros per semester is obligatory. This solidarity contribution is still important for the Semester-Ticket’s financing model.

How does the solidarity contribution benefit me?

As of the summer semester 2017, the for all students’ mandatory solidarity contribution amounts to 67.40 Euros per semester. Because of this contribution, the issued or validated student ID card bearing the printed MVV logo can be used as limited travel validation, active at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am on the following day
  • At all times on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and the 24th and 31st of December
  • Valid for the entire network

Which forms of transport can I use for free with my student ID?

The semester ticket is valid for second class travel within the entire MVV network with all modes of MVV transport (S-Bahn, U-Bahn, tram, bus and authorised regional trains). For questions about the exact form of tariff model and details on the validity of the Semester-Ticket, please refer to the website or a sales outlet of the MVV.

How long is my student ID valid as a travel ticket and when is the beginning and the end of the semester defined?

Your student ID ticket is valid from the first to the last day of the corresponding semester. The exact dates of the first and last day of the semester are set by your university or college. In other words, your student ID is valid as a travel ticket for the entire duration of the semester as defined by your university. The exact time period varies between universities. Please enquire at the university you are registered to e.g. by visiting its website. At the TUM, for example, the winter semester lasts from 1st October – 31st March and the summer semester from 1st April – 30th September.

A student ID lasting several semesters (“plastic card”) must be validated every semester.

Is the introduction of a semester ticket within the rights of the Munich Student Union?

The Munich Student Union did not simply introduce the ticket - it did so by request of the students. This means that a majority of students chose to vote for the Semester-Ticket’s introduction. The notion to introduce the Semester-Ticket also originated from student circles; and the Munich Student Union is, in accordance with Bavarian university regulations, obligated to introduce and implement such a ticket. The strike-vote last Autumn showed that most students support the concept of solidarity behind a semester ticket. The results of the vote (compiled in German) were rather one-sided: 

Why exactly was a model chosen that consists of a compulsory basic fee and an optional upgrade?

The current concept for the ticket is a result of long consideration and many negotiations. In these processes, it was assessed under which circumstances the Semester-Ticket remains worthwhile, as well as the travel times for which the basic fee could be relevant. This two-part model benefits students who rarely use public transport and therefore do not purchase an IsarCard Semester.

Under what circumstances can I become exempt from the solidarity contribution?

Exemption from the solidarity fee can only be applied for in the case of severely handicapped students in possession of a pass entitling them to free public travel (including the corresponding certification by the Munich Office for Family and Social Services). The solidarity fee is collected by the universities and transferred to the Munich Student Union. However, the Munich Student Union does not keep the money, but passes it on to the public transport utilities. The legal basis for the collection of the solidarity contribution by your university is the matriculation agreement, to which you as a student are bound. For possible clarification, please contact your university.

I am in possession of a disabled person’s pass -  how can I apply for exemption from the solidarity fee?

Students who are in possession of a pass entitling them to free MVV travel (including the corresponding certification by the Munich Office for Family and Social Services) can apply for exemption from the solidarity fee. The application must be handed in to the university you are matriculating or re-registering to before the fee is due (i.e. before the re-registration period). Detailed information on this subject can be found on your university’s website, or you can refer directly to the contact persons of your university.

If my IsarCard Semester is lost or stolen, will it be replaced?

If you lose your IsarCard Semester-Ticket, the customer service centers of the MVV will be able to issue a one-time replacement in exchange for the receipt received on purchase and an administration fee of 5 Euros (7 Euros at DB travel centers).

So, remember to always keep your receipt safe and separate from your IsarCard Semester-Ticket. Without the receipt, you will not be granted a replacement ticket.

What happens if I am expelled during the semester?

If you are retroactively expelled from your university, your will lose your status as a student. In order to request reimbursement of the solidarity fee, you will have to return your student ID to the university.

An already purchased IsarCard Semester, however, cannot be returned or exchanged during the semester, and without your student ID it will no longer be valid. We therefore advise you to make sure you will be matriculated for the entire semester before purchasing an IsarCard Semester.

What happens if I change university during the semester?

Should you have already purchased an IsarCard Semester, you must have it re-printed, as it still bears the number of your previous student ID.

In order to have a ticket purchased from the MVG re-printed, you will have to provide the following documents:

- de-registration previous university
- matriculation new university & student ID
- valid Semester-Ticket (IsarCard Semester)

Please note that your ticket can only be replaced at the MVG customer service centers at Hauptbahnhof or Marienplatz, and only if it was purchased at an MVG ticket machine. Please remember to ask for a confirmation of replacement, as the receipt for your previous ticket still has the old number on it. If you were to lose your new ticket, a replacement without confirmation would not be possible.


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