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Frequently asked Questions & Answers: Base contribution

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Have you re-registered for the coming semester? Then you have also transferred 75 Euros for the Munich Student Union to your university. Thank you for your support! The proceeds from students’ so-called base contributions are an important part of our funds, with which year after year the student union fulfills its variety of statutory tasks implemented to allow students a fast and successful course of studies.

Why does the Munich Student Union have to raise the base contribution in the winter semester 2020/21?

Unfortunately, raising the base contribution this winter semester 2020/21 was an absolutely essential measure. Since the Student Union abstained from raising the base contribution over the last years, it is now even more crucial to balance out the rising costs throughout this time. Due to the constant lowering of state subsidies, there are only few possibilities for the Student Union to generate the necessary revenue for covering its expenses.

Why does the Munich Student Union have to raise the price by as much as 13 euros?

Despite the change in price to 75 euros, the Munich Student Union still lies below the national average of around 80 euros (summer semester 2020). 13 euros offer the Student Union a certain degree of planning security.

What does the Munich Student Union do with all the money it receives via the base contribution?

From the annual additional revenue, large amounts of money every year go towards student housing construction, expansion of the advice network and the department for students with disabilities, the development of the child care and catering facilities as well as the compensation of falling subsidies.

Why do I have to pay the base contribution even though I don’t use the Student Union’s services?

The base contribution dates to the concept of a supportive society from which the student unions originated. The idea suggests that all students pay the same amount of money as an act of solidarity, regardless of whether or to what extent they use the student union’s services. In this scenario, it may occur that a student must pay the full base contribution despite finishing their studies without ever going to the canteen, receiving BAföG, living in a student residence or sending their children to our nurseries. On the other hand, some students have the fortune to take advantage of all the Munich Student Union’s discounted offers. Basically, all students club together to create a social infrastructure that provides equal opportunities for all students.

When did this rule come into effect?

The Munich Student Union’s board of administration agreed to the amendment in the circulation procedure of the 14.02.2020. On the 19.02.2020 the new statute was signed off by the heads of administration and reached the universities on the 20.02. The statute will come into effect upon its announcement this coming winter semester 2020/2021.