Accident insurance for students

More safety in case of accidents

The Munich Student Union has joined the collective contract of the DSW (German National Association for Student Affairs), through which several other student unions have ensured accident insurance for their students. The insurance comes into effect as of the winter semester 2017/2018, beginning on the 1st October 2017, and applies to all matriculated students (except for guest students/auditors).

The insurance coverage applies to accidents that happen to the insured person in their free time, during internships, or while performing activities in preparation of exams for the respective field of study outside of the respective university.

Accidents that occur while performing a profession or trade – also as working student – for which the respective employers' liability insurance association is responsible in accordance with the SGB VII also count as insured, as long as the activity is part of the individual’s exam preparations.

The contract also covers insurance for students who spend one or two semesters abroad. The terms and conditions remain the same as for students attending the respective university in Germany. Additionally, matriculated students who are part of the “Erasmus Programme” are also insured during their internship or semester abroad. Internships or other activities that are not directly related to the field of study are excluded.


The following services are covered:

- Disability with progression 225%
- Total disability (100% disability)
- Death benefit
- Cosmetic operation
- Rescue costs

The respective sum depends on the individual case.

Insurance certificate (in German)


Any event of damage must IMMEDIATELY be reported to the “Union Versicherung GMBH” in written form or via telephone.

A notice of claim can be requested here:



For all damages caused by accidents:

Mrs Jana Diemert


Tel.: 05231-6036255

Fax: 05231-603-606255