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  • Hochschulgastronomie

    Vom 20.09. bis 1.10.2021 erhalten Sie in unseren Mensen klassische Wiesn-Schmankerl.

  • Informationen

    Viele Erstsemester sind aktuell in ihrer neuen Studienstadt auf Zimmersuche. Da jedes günstige Angebot hilft, rufen wir private Vermieter/-innen dazu auf, Wohnraum an Studierende zu vermieten.


Semester Ticket

Up-to-date information concerning the summer semester 2021

In the summer semester 2021, the price of the additional ticket “IsarCard Semester” will be raised to 201.60 euros. Also, the solidarity fee has been raised to 69.40 euros.

Flyer overview

The total price of the semester ticket for the entire MVV area now amounts to 271 euros for half a year. Thus, the monthly cost of a semester ticket is roughly 45 euros. All previous conditions such as the duration of validity etc. remain unchanged.

More information on the semester ticket can be found here.

The Student Union’s functions

The Munich Student Union is responsible for supporting students studying at the universities we are in charge of in financial, social, cultural and health matters. Furthermore, it contributes to promoting international relationships.

All student unions in Germany offer their support to a network consisting of several universities and university sites. According to Bavarian student union regulations, the Munich Student Union is responsible for a total of 15 universities with over 132,000 students studying at four locations in and around Munich.
More information can be found here.

  • Informationen

    Several international students are currently experiencing problems withdrawing money from their blocked bank accounts. Here you can get more information on the topic, also on whom to turn to with problems.

  • Hochschulgastronomie

    In order to reduce waste caused by disposable dishes, we are now offering a reusable alternative for your food to go. By buying a StuBowl, you can help to reduce the amount of disposable packaging.

  • Informationen

    You can get masks at the Infopoints Arcisstraße and Leopoldstraße in the Olympic Village – documents required.

  • Finances

    Interim Financial Aid provided by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research can be applied for until the end of September 2021 online. Click here to get all the information regarding the conditions for receiving this financial support.

  • Advice & Counselling

    Psychotherapeutic Advisory Service - We are there for you!

    These difficult times can lead to psychological stress. Don't hesitate to give us a ring. Our therapists are still there for you!

  • Informationen

    Every year, the Munich Student Union carries out satisfaciton surveys. Take part and you can win one of 10 prizes; the first prize is an exclusive gourmet canteen dinner for up to four people.

Diversity – Wir setzen uns für Vielfalt ein

Wir stehen ein für die Förderung von Chancengleichheit und den Abbau von Diskriminierung jeglicher Art.

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Munich Student Union Satisfaction Survey

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Studying with a child

Job Offers for Crèche Teachers, Childcare Workers and Interns

We regularly need crèche teachers, childcare workers, interns as well as domestic assistants for our crèches. Have a look at our job offers under “Career”.

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