Construction work in our halls

Construction work in our halls of residence

To the benefit of our students we are anxious to create new living space for students as well as we are keen to improve the quality and atmosphere of housing. Therefore construction work is necessary. The waiting times for a dwelling place in the affected halls may possibly be extended. Please take this into consideration when applying.

The construction work in our halls may also affect residents. Please refrain from complaining in this matter. The construction noise is kept lower than the maximum levels permitted under statutory regulations and is customary. For that reason, the side effects have to be accepted by the residents. The same applies to residents living in halls nearby.

Current and upcoming construction work

Hall of residence       Expected period of construction work
         From To

Studentenstadt (House 6)



Studentenstadt (House 5)



Studentenstadt (House 11)



Olympisches Dorf Stufenbauten current 12/2020

Weihenstephan II / IV









Schwere-Reiter-Straße 07/2019 08/2021


Please notice that the stated periods may change over time in both directions. We are eager to keep this overall view current.