Studying with a child

Where we can help

We help parents and expectant parents to organise their studies whilst caring for a child.

How we help 

We always have an ear for the problems and questions posed by your (altered) situation. We help you in your search for a flat and in dealings with the public authorities. We can advise you in child-care options, the possibilities you have to finance your studies and all kinds of grants and scholarships. If you feel the need to discuss your experiences with other young parents and expectant parents, please come along to one of our open meetings.

How to reach us

Parents and expectant parents studying at Munich universities served by the Munich Student Union are offered advice in central Munich.

Olympic Village Advice Center


Olympic Village (U3 - Olympiazentrum)
Helene-Mayer-Ring 9, rm. h5

Opening hours

Sonja Simnacher

Tel. +49 89 357135-31

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