Closing Times at the Student Union

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During the semester break, several canteens, StuBistrosCanteen and StuCafés will stay open. Several establishments including administrative offices and advice centers will however be closed during the summer.

University Catering

Closing times:

Munich area: 

StuBistroMensa Schellingstraße (31.07. - 15.10.2017),
StuBistroMensa Schillerstraße (24.07. - 15.10.2017),
StuBistroMensa Goethestraße (21.08. - 10.09.2017),
Arcisstraße Canteen (14.08. - 08.09.2017),
StuBistroMensa Arcisstraße (closed until further notice),
Lothstraße Canteen (24.07. - 01.10.2017),
StuCafé Karlstraße (24.07. - 01.10.2017)

StuCafé Heßstraße (closed from 31.07. - 28.09.2017). Open on the 29.09. for the "Fit für den Einstieg" event from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm (Note: On this day, payment is only accepted in cash)

Pasing area:

Pasing Canteen (24.07. - 01.10.2017),
StuCafé Pasing (31.07. - 01.10.2017)

Garching area:

StuCafé Boltzmannstraße (31.07. - 20.08.2017),
Garching Canteen Espresso-Bar (31.07. - 15.09.2017)


StuLounge BioSys (31.07. - 03.10.2017),
StuLounge in BMC Martinsried (20.07. - 08.10.2017)

Benediktbeuern area: 

StuBistroMensa Benediktbeuern (23.06. - 25.09.2017)

Rosenheim area:

StuBistroMensa Rosenheim (31.07. - 10.09.2017)

Weihenstephan area:

StuCafé Akademie Weihenstephan (31.07. - 27.08.2017) 

Advisory Network

The Advice Service for Students Expecting or With a Child will be closed on the following days: Friday, 22nd September 2017. From the 24th August until the 8th September, the service will be closed for holidays.

The General Advice and Social Counselling Service in Rosenheim is closed from the 1st April 2017 until the 31st August. Please refer to the advice centres in Munich and/or Freising during this time.

The Mobile Advice Service will be unavailable until the 1st September 2017. In case of any questions, you may contact the following address via e-mail: or visit the General Advice and Social Counselling Service in Munich.

The Legal Advice Service for Munich and Freising will be cancelled from Tuesday, 26th September 2017 until and including Monday, 2nd October.

Student Accommodation

The administrative offices of the housing department and private accommodation service will be closed during the afternoons of the semester break in August 2017. On the 1st September, our team will return to its usual office hours.

Culture Bureau

Up until and including the 3rd October 2017, the culture bureau will have the following summer opening hours:

Monday to Thursday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
(Closed on Fridays)