“Wiesn-Schmankerl” from the 18th September until the 3rd October

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Let's go to the canteen!

The Munich Student Union’s canteens are out to celebrate the world’s largest beer festival with culinary delights. Available throughout the “Wiesnzeit” are classics such as the “Schweinebraten” with beer sauce, “Oktoberfesthaxn”, “Allgäuer Käsespätzle” with fried onions or “Wiesn-Gröstl” with ham, Bavarian meat loaf and egg.

If this doesn’t have your taste buds convinced yet, perhaps candy is more your thing. Not to worry, as we certainly have something to satisfy your sweet tooth: sweet Bavarian treats such as traditional “Kaiserschmarrn”, “Millirahmstrudel” with apples and vanilla sauce or “Wiesn-Reiberdatschi” with applesauce.

“An Guadn”,
Your Munich Student Union University Catering team!

New to Munich?
A short lesson in Oktoberfest-Bavarian for visitors:

„Servus beinand“ oder „Griaß God“ = Warm greetings

„A Hendl, a Brezn und an Obatzdn“ = A chicken, a pretzel and some cheese.

„No a Maß, biddscheen“ = One more litre of beer, please.

„Oans, zwoa, g’suffa“ = A toast for when drinking

„Wo is’ns Haisl?“ = Where can I find the loo?

„Dea danzt wia da Lump am Schdägga” = He’s a good dancer!

„Wos sogsd?” = Beg pardon?

„I kimm ned auf der Brennsubbn daher!” = I wasn’t born yesterday!

„Mogst a Busserl?” = Would you like a kiss?

„I mog di!“ = I like you!

„Kenna dad i scho, aba meng dua i ned.” = I could, but I don’t want to.

„Hau di hera, dann samma mehra” = Join us, the more the merrier.

„Liaba an Bauch vom Saufa, ois an Buckl vom Arbatn.” = A beer belly is better than a hunchback.