Veggie Burger & Co.

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StuBistrosCanteen / StuCafés

Burger menu with veggie burgers

Once a week the StuCafés are serving tasty burgers freshly prepared for you. The prestigious burgers come in three varieties:

·         Classic burger (beef)

·         Chicken burger

·         Veggie burger

The burgers are available for 2.60 Euros up, and go well with salad and/or country potatoes.

Burger menu

The burger menu is a real relief for the wallet: one burger with country potatos and a Sodenthaler drink for only 4 Euros (incl. bottle refund).

Veggie Burger

With the new veggie burger, vegetarians will also get their fill. Made of wheat flower, spring onions, soja, potatos, carrots, egg and various herbs and spices such as chili and basil, this burger is a treat – even for non-vegetarians!

The following locations host a weekly burger day:

  • StuBistrosCanteen Goethestraße
  • StuCafé Leopoldstraße
  • StuCafé Adalberstraße
  • StuCafé Audimax
  • StuCafé Olympiapark
  • StuCafé Garching Canteen
  • StuCafé Boltzmannstraße
  • StuCafé Weihenstephan Canteen
  • StuCafé Weihenstephan Academy
  • StuCafé Heßstraße
  • StuCafé Karlstraße

For the current range of burgers, see the menu of the day on site.

Bon appetit!