Full Variety!

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Many students spend a large amount of their time studying and preparing in university facilities. But what can be done when hunger strikes and the StuCafé or canteen is closed? Fortunately, and for this exact reason, the Student Union has set up numerous vending machine stations. They offer refreshing snacks almost all day long.

The vending machine stations are the perfect addition to the wide range of catering offered by the Canteens, StuBistros and StuCafés, especially when these are closed for the day. The vending machines remain in operation until the building closes, so that all students, employees or guests can use their Legic-Card (with certain individual exceptions to the method of payment) to purchase items.

To constantly improve our vending machine’s quality of service, the Munich Student Union's university catering is committed to replacing outdated machines with newer, more modern variations.

More information and a list of all vending machine locations of the Munich Student Union can be found here.