Card payment

As a student at the Technical College, Weihenstephan, Munich or Rosenheim University, you can pay, cash-free, with your student card. For all other guests, there is the Legic-card (which also functions as a photocopy card at many university machines). The answers to the most frequently asked questions are available bellow.


Quick and convenient

The Munich Student Union's Legic-Card is a multifunctional card, its primary use being for cash-free payments. It functions without touch, meaning that it can usually be used from within your wallet. In order to make a payment or charge your card, simply hold your wallet against the card reader.


Uses and payment

A Legic-Card can be used for transactions in all canteens, StuBistrosMensa , StuCafés, Stulounges and most espresso-bars, as well as many of the supported vending machines. Even the deposit for bottles or dishes can be directly transferred to your Legic-Card. Additionally, many photocopiers, scanners and printers in various sections of the libraries in the Munich Technical University, Munich University of Applied Sciences and Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences are also equipped with a Legic-Card reader.


Purchase and validity

Legic-Cards can be purchased and returned at all of the Munich Student Union's infopoints or help desks. These can usually be found in the canteen lobbies. The help desks can also answer any questions or lend its assistance. The card is also available in our StuBistros, StuCafés and StuLounges, where you an also extend their validity. The Legic-Card has a limited validity period which can be extended with a valid verifications. By purchasing the card, you cannot get a receipt - receipts are given upon spending the credits, for example at the cash-desks in the canteens.



Price and charging

A Legic-Card can be purchased for 12€, of which 7€ are a deposit and 5€ will be directly available for spending. You can charge your Legic-Card either with cash ( 5€, 10€, 20€ or 50€ bills), or a credit card at a respective machine. When the amount inserted into the machine is displayed on the screen, hold your card up to the reader until your new balance is visible.



Loss of a Legic-Card

For privacy reasons, the cards are not personalized. It is advisable to take a note of your six-digit card number. Lost Legic-Cards can be blocked upon providing this code. Additionally, if the card is found it can easily be traced back and returned to its owner.



Returning the Legic-Card

Should you no longer need your Legic-Card anymore, you can return it any of the Munich Student Unions infopoints/help desks. You will receive the deposit and any unspent credit in cash. Please note that the card must be undamaged in order for your deposit to be returned. For yellow and red Legic-Cards, a deposit of 7€ is granted, for all others 6€. for cards issued by the Munich University od Applied Sciences ( with magnetic strip), a deposit of 7,50€ is granted.